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Blue Screen of Death in Popular Culture

April 25, 2010

The Blue Screen of Death. You know it all too well. And so does everyone else. In fact, people know the BSoD so well it has invaded popular culture, and has taken on a meaning of its own, separate from that telltale screen that lets you know your computer is on the fritz. Here are some popular websites that have appropriated the Blue Screen of Death for their own purposes.

The Urban Dictionary

The Urban Dictionary pokes fun at the ubiquity of the Blue Screen of Death, suggesting that it happens so often that it must have been an intentional programming conceit by Microsoft. It offers such definitions as “Microsoft’s most successful program” and “The main screen of Windows.”

TV Tropes

This website, which has a name for everything you’ve ever seen in any medium of fiction, has a section dedicated to “Heroic BSoD,” which refers to a situation where the hero completely shuts down due to a massive tragedy that he cannot process. Of course, he will usually “reboot” in time to save the day.


FilmCritic writer Scott Sigler recently used the Blue Screen of Death to describe movies in which the “screen” provides ACTUAL death, such as “fear dot com,” “Brainscan” and “The Lawnmower Man.”

The Blue Screen of Death is everywhere, so the next time you find yourself zoning out in public, don’t be surprised if one of your buddies refers to you as experiencing a “Heroic BSoD”, and the next time one of your friends says he just got the “Main Windows Screen,” you’ll know it may be time to take him out for a “Blue Screen of Death Movie.”